A project that started with lonely beach clean-ups on Poetto beach in the south of the island and is now being transformed, with the help of mind-liked friends, into an organisation with a structured administration and defined goals.

An initiative which aim is to raise awareness of the environmental issues concerning Sardinia, especially its coastline, its beaches and the surrounding sea waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

By setting a good example and involving others, by promoting a zero-waste lifestyle with the focus on limiting the plastic consumption, by promoting eco-sustainable tourism and educating the youngest generation in Sardinia, we hope this beautiful Italian island, in the times of plastic crisis, will not share the fate of many places around the globe which have already been flooded by plastic waste.

So that we, the people born here, the people who have chosen this place to be their new home, the tourists who love this holiday destination, and the generations yet to come, can enjoy this earthly paradise called Sardinia.

If you share our goals, please join us in our efforts to protect this island.

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